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Zamówienia powyżej 300 złotychkoszty wysyłki ponosi Sprzedający („JANGAR”).

Instytucje – jednostki budżetowe (samorządowe szkoły, przedszkole, jednostki samorządu terytorialnego) – płatność przelewem po otrzymaniu towaru wraz z fakturą VAT.

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JANGAR was launched in 1995 as a fully private Polish supplier of educational and learning resources, mostly for ages 6-20.

For over 20 years, we have been supplying to our customers a wide range of educational and learning materials for classrooms (Classroom & Teacher Resources) covering:

in form of:
experiment equipment,
educational and research instruments,
classroom and field equipment,
microscopes & slides,
preserved specimens,
displays and collections,
interfaces and sensors,
educational software,

for subjects:
environmental science and research,
nature and environmental protection activities,
geography/earth science,
foreign languages,
vocational equipment

We offer our customers directly imported by us products or products produced by ourselves. From the very beginning we cooperate and purchase products from many foreign companies located all over the world, and we appreciate much this cooperation, specially on long-term basis.

On home market we cover with our activity whole territory of Poland supplying ordered products to any place in our country. We also present the offered range of educational resources in different parts of Poland during fairs, exhibitions, shows, and conferences.


We invite all producers and suppliers of educational and research resources to contact us and present us your offer - we are open to widen our range of goods and start new loyal & fruitful long-term cooperation.


On request we offer dedicated educational and learning resources for export, also in different language version with dedicated instruction manuals which are prepared by our graphic studio (on request). Just send ask by sending an e-mail to our general address:

It will be conveyed immediately to the persons in charge in JANGAR Commercial Office who will response directly.